Piano Rental Program

Metroplex Piano Rental Program

Buying a piano for a beginning student can be a sizable investment. Most piano teachers recommend that you get the best piano your budget will allow. The Kansas City Piano Rental Program can help your budget go farther by renting a high quality digital or acoustic piano. Sure you can buy a cheap used piano off the internet but then your stuck with something that needs constant maintenance, doesn’t play well and could potentially have major problems.

Piano rental is an easy cost effective way of getting started. You can get a new or late model piano and “test drive” your playing ability without any obligation to buy. Kansas City Piano makes it even easier by allowing the first six months paid rental to be applied toward the retail price of any piano in our store. You can even start with a small digital and later change to an acoustic piano.

Our goal at Kansas City Piano is to give you or your student the best opportunity to succeed. Call us at 000-000-0000 or visit any of our three locations.

Rates start as low as $59 per month (with approved credit). Kansas City Piano offers a range of digital 88-key weighted-action keyboards from Yamaha that you can carry home. We’ve also added brand new acoustic studio uprights that will impress the most discriminating pianists and music teachers.